Do Something

Three weeks ago, I decided to start training for a half marathon. This is one of those “I’ve always wanted to but never tried before” activities. With a new pair of tennis shoes, some decent headphones, and a twelve week training guide, I was set!

Most days, I see the craziness of what I’m attempting. I’ve never ran at all until now. Old men walk pass me and stare. Super buff athletes complete more laps than me in a matter of minutes. Often times, I get embarrassed and contemplate quitting.

But then I remember that running is something that I do for me. I run because I want to. Not because someone told me to or because I am seeking the approval of others.

Choosing to do something for yourself seems rather selfish, especially if you’re a Christian. Here’s what I have to remember: Ambition is not a crime. Selfish ambition is wrong, but being a doer is actually a biblical concept.

The problem is that most people are so bogged down by the expectations of others–both perceived and real–that they never do anything.


Until recently, I was trapped in that category. In many ways, I am still getting myself unstuck. My focus isn’t that sharp. The Lord   and I have a lot of conversations about the direction of my life. The primary reason I am training for this half-marathon is that I am tired of thinking about doing something as opposed to actually doing something.

At church, we’ve been talking about the body of Christ. Being a part of the body is so important because every Christian has a gift to use for God’s glory and the encouragement of others. And yet, here’s a big question that’s been on my heart since this study began:

How can I serve others if I am too scared to try something, to step out even if I don’t have all the answers?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself a similar question. It probably preceded or followed this line of questioning: What in the world am I supposed to be doing? How am I going to get there? If so, I believe it’s time you pick an activity from your “always wanted to” list and then do it.

Just do something.

In the process of doing, don’t be surprised if some of your questions start getting answered.

My name is Audra Kennedy, and I am the newfound daughter of Brad and Celina. The journey toward family restoration has been quite an adventure! It’s a desire of mine to help others who are walking down the same path. Growing up without parents or growing up knowing that your parents are less than ideal is not an easy burden to carry. The good news is that there’s hope through the transforming power of Jesus Christ to overcome even the darkest of pasts. And that’s what I want to share with you.

  • Audra, great job! Sometimes we think only spiritual things count when you’re getting unstuck, but doing something natural actually strengthens us spiritually. I’m so proud of you! And… The Lord’s smilin’ atcha right now!