Everyone needs an outlet

I express myself a lot better (and stronger) with the written word. There’s no filter stopping me from saying something, no eyes looking at me and making me nervous, so I don’t rethink my word choice.

My journal is a mirror that shows me how I really feel about any given situation.

 Sometimes, hurt anger, and sadness take over for pages.

And, sometimes joy and excitement shine back at me, letting me know that I’m on track.

God gives me the strength to write, to face the things that scare me the most.

I spent the first part of knowing my parents behind a wall, an impenetrable wall. Both of them tried and tried to get me to open up, but I wouldn’t. The words I wanted to say were stuck in my throat. I acted indifferent, cold, and sometimes uncaring. How much could I do and they wouldn’t leave? Administering this litmus test, I felt, was necessary. I was torn between pushing them away and wanting to be connected. this is where journaling came in.

Capturing my thoughts and putting them on paper was freeing.

I was able to sort through the facts and the lies. I was able to share my feelings with my parents. The wall came down.

I encourage you to find an outlet.

Emotions are not evil. They are merely indicators.

Just like money and guns, emotions are only as volatile or as good as the person expressing them. Let your emotions do their job by point out problem areas, things to be dealt with and talked about. Then take control and do something with what you find. That’s what I’ve had to do.

My name is Audra Kennedy, and I am the newfound daughter of Brad and Celina. The journey toward family restoration has been quite an adventure! It’s a desire of mine to help others who are walking down the same path. Growing up without parents or growing up knowing that your parents are less than ideal is not an easy burden to carry. The good news is that there’s hope through the transforming power of Jesus Christ to overcome even the darkest of pasts. And that’s what I want to share with you.