Happy Mamma’s Day

For all those True Hot Mamas!

Hi there True Hot Mama! Sometimes, when I have time and need a break, I’ll check out Facebook… yesterday was one of those moments. I laughed and sighed and ooh’d and ahhh’d at all the heartfelt (and funny) stuff I saw regarding Mother’s Day. Mainly, I thought of you! If we’ve ever met in person or online, I consider you to be in my circle! And so, I prayed this for you:

“Father, I ask that each Mama reading this would know how valuable she is in Your eyes and how important her roll is for humanity and Your Kingdom.

That she would recognize that her voice counts in the hearts of her children, each word a seed of love and instruction for their future success. That she would also know that her courageous opinion counts in the community and paves the way for future generations.

That she would remember, regardless of the endless voices out there, that her perspective as mother is valuable in her home, and that in following your design, she makes a perfect team with her Handsome Man (or, in his absence, with You, Father!)

Please remind this precious Mama of Your presence as she oversees the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of her family. That in reality, she is collaborating with Your power, and she is not doing this alone.

Reveal to her how she can make her family a priority in the everyday business, how she can set healthy boundaries within and outside of her home.

How that she, Queen that she is, is the guardian of all that enters and influences her kingdom.

Help her discern what season she is in so she can determine what IS and ISN’T important during this chapter of life. There will be more chapters, and it’s not necessary to do it all today.

Finally, breathe upon these words You have written upon our hearts from Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Thank you, Father, for my friendship with this True Hot Mama and for what we learn from one another.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


From one True Hot Mama to the other, I send you a big hug!

So, Beautiful, keep on growing, keep on going onward and upward, keep on trusting Him who has awesome plans for your future, and keep being that expression of love and strength God made you to be.

What is your prayer for the Mamas in your world? Share it with us in the comments! I’m sure you’ll bless our community of True Hot Mamas!

Hi! I’m Celina. Happily married to Brad and the blessed Mama of 6. The love Jesus has shown me has revolutionized my life so I passionately sing, write and chat with friends new and old about His Design for our lives. We have lived and ministered in 4 countries and love the adventure of faith God has us on!