About Us

Welcome to our home online!

Hello! We’re the Holliman Family and we welcome you to our home online!

This is where we get to sit down with you to have an in-depth conversation about God’s Design for our Life and Family over a cup of coffee.

Let us introduce ourselves and what we each focus on:

Brad, the Husband, Daddy and pastor loves to shoot short videos with what he calls “Seed Thoughts” meant to inspire us to think God’s way in various areas of life.

He is about to launch a podcast answering many questions regarding marriage, family and anything else you’ll throw at him! You can send your questions to brad@thehollimans.com

Celina, wife, Mama and teacher-at-heart writes a Spanish-English blog to encourage people in engaging with God’s design. She also writes our weekly newsletter for our online community. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe! It’s like having you over to our place online! You can contact her at celina@thehollimans.com

holliman family photo-9

Audra, our young adult daughter writes a blog about recently becoming part of our family, Bible School and other musings. You can reach her with any questions or comments at audragkennedy@gmail.com.

Our children, left to right are: Caleb, Selah, Courage, Savanna and Sofia. As time permits, they too will be adding their thoughts to our blog!

Some posts you may enjoy as you get to know us are: God’s Restoration in our Family, Mark ‘Em, and Carving Out Time.

So come on in! We just put the coffee on!