Welcome Mamacitas

 Welcome, Beautiful You!

It’s such a pleasure to see you here! Did you know you are precious in the sight of God? I know many times we just need to be reminded of this truth! We may need someone in our life who is walking the same road we are, and maybe just a few steps ahead. Someone who can give us a heads up about the ditches or the potholes, and a little instruction. Someone who can inspire us, cheer us on, challenge us and listen to us, give us advice and point us in the right direction. Would you let me be one of these people in your life?

My name is Celina and my passion is finding out how to be the Woman, Wife and Mother God designed me to be.

I believe His design is perfect, and when I align myself with Him, my life becomes fulfilling and full of peace, joy and purpose.

According to His design:

My Marriage is sweet and profound. I can live the rest of my life to the max with my best friend and together fulfill the mission God has given us.

My Children bless me with their words and actions as they receive a constant investment of love, The Truth of the Word of God, and the basic tools they’ll need to have a purposeful and prosperous life.

As a Woman I reflect the virtue and beauty of the Glory of God, always extending my hands to those who surround me and share everything God has given me.

Would you like to learn to live His design with me?

This is a real Mamacita (mah-mah-see-tah)… a True Hot Mamma!

I Have My Reasons… Why I Started This Blog

One of my cousins recently had her first baby and asked me to “help her be a good Mama.” Being inspired by her request, I imagined all the other beautiful ladies out there who would want the same thing, and my heart started overflowing with ideas of how to help, inspire and challenge them to new heights. You can read this to start. And A Handsome Man’s Role is one of our most popular posts. For now, I can usually write something monthly and can send it straight to your inbox. Once in a while, I may write something short and fun. You can follow our blog by clicking on the Subscribe button on the right panel.


English Version

I originally started writing this to a Spanish-only audience, but many of our English-speaking friends wanted to read my posts, and quite frankly, Google Translate just wasn’t cutting it! So, I’ve started translating all posts. You’ll find the English Version as you scroll down the page a bit.


My Story

I grew up in Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring. At 18, I went to school in Oklahoma at RHEMA Bible College, where I met my husband-to-be. After graduating, we worked for RHEMA Mexico (Mexico City) during roughly 4 years. Then for the next 10 years we served as Pastors (and a few other things) at Word In Action Church, Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was during this time that God blessed us with 5 beautiful children and restored my husband’s daughter back to us. You can read that story here. At the beginning of 2014 we moved to Southeastern  US to be close to my lovely Mother-In-Law and so the kids could get to know their Nana better. This is a new phase of our lives where God is opening doors for us to share the message of God’s Design for the Family.


It’s so nice to meet you! And you are…

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and chat with you about my passion. Now, please tell me about yours! I’d love to know you better! Please write me at mamacitasdeverdad@gmail.com And please, leave a comment so we can chat more at length on any of the topics I share. I love to hear what others have to say!

Let me introduce my family to you: My Husband Brad, and in birth order: Audra, Sofia, Savanna, Caleb, Selah and Courage.