The Process of Transformation

“Your kids are such a joy!”

“Your marriage is such a blessing”

“How can you do all that you do?”

This is normal for us to hear on a consistent basis, and it sometimes follows up with:

“I could never do that!”

Well, we didn’t start this way! We came across a new idea, something we’d never done before, and went through a process to make it our own. In this video, we’ll take you through the process of transformation! This is part 2 of this video chat (that was just supposed to be 5 minutes long!) You can watch part 1 here.

Whether you’re single, married, with or without kids, this is relevant to you!

Question: What area would you like to see transformation in and what will you do to start ‘forming’ that new thought today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


Hi! I'm Celina. Happily married to Brad and the blessed Mama of 6. The love Jesus has shown me has revolutionized my life so I passionately sing, write and chat with friends new and old about His Design for our lives. We have lived and ministered in 4 countries and love the adventure of faith God has us on!

  • Derek Dean

    You two just described the stages of my past year or so…I saw some of the things, but you highlighted a few other thoughts along the process. It helps 🙂