What Would You Give Up?

Being busy is a badge of honor in our culture. Join us as we rethink what it means to be busy! Watch this video and let’s start the discussion below.


Hi! I’m Celina. Happily married to Brad and the blessed Mama of 6. The love Jesus has shown me has revolutionized my life so I passionately sing, write and chat with friends new and old about His Design for our lives. We have lived and ministered in 4 countries and love the adventure of faith God has us on!

  • Stephen Hooper

    Good advice on the “do all things through Christ but not everything”. I think part of the busy lifestyle is in the searching for the “one” thing. Perhaps we should spend less time searching and more time listening. Being too busy tends to clog our ears and fill our list of what we need to keep doing. Perhaps the other part of being too busy is simply filling the time to avoid idleness. For some staying busy keeps their mind off not having what they are desperately praying for. There are many excuses we can find for not slowing down until that thing enters our life, but, like you said, make the time now and let God fill that space you have left empty. I do not think God will bless us with what we aks for if we do not have the time to tend to it properly.

    • Stephen, you just nailed it when you said sometimes we just fill our time to avoid idleness! I tend to think I’m being irresponsible if I “just sit”. Thank you for commenting, I just figured out tonight why I couldn’t see any of the comments! You guys are all very patient while I work out these issues!

    • Thanks Stephen! I’m so learning how to leave space and margin in my life for Father to fill! Some days are better than others lol! Real life tends to happen in he margins I think. In those moments I couldn’t have planned or prepared for specifically! Father just brought them and lined them up I was just finally paying attention with unclogged ears lol.

      Like today, I literally heard an old friends voice in my head say hello lol. That sparked and Facebook message that didn’t take long but I would have normally procrastinated and forgotten. But I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with someone and hearing how they are and how we are all walking together! Good stuff happens when we leave room for it to happen!!

  • Alesha Huff

    That’s so true how we can do all things through Christ but we can’t do everything. Haha, I love that! So good. I needed to hear that.

    • Alesha, thanks for commenting! I just figured out why I couldn’t see any comments and fixed the issue. Thank you!

    • Yeah when Jeremy told me that it stopped me cold. But it’s been a great meditation these last few years!!

  • Derek Dean

    You know it’s funny how business does want to creep in. Several years ago when I took my position working a week on week off, it was a decision between more free time with a pay cut, or more money less free time. I chose more free time to live. You’re right in the fact Brad, that it’s good to be prepared prior so you can step into something. I hadn’t prepared fully at that moment, but eventually had to make choices on things to give up and cut out. At first it seemed difficult, but now I don’t miss most of those things. I realized they weren’t essential to live, I’d just made them essential to my life. Now I have much control over my time to rest, take some me time, or do as I feel led. With no children or family though, I can see how it’s much simpler for me to do that in respect of 1 person verses many thou. It cold be challenging I’d imagine. Thanks!

    • Brad Holliman

      Great thought Derek! I think there are more considerations when more people are involved but probably the difficulty to chose is the same. It challenges our definition of need. Lately I’ve been training my self that need is such a strong word to use in our culture. Mostly it’s want lol! Thanks for commenting!